1 . What is Scuderia Moro Milano Test Drive?

It is the opportunity to drive a Ferrari, the biggest italian icon, when you are around Milan.

2 . Am I alone while driving the car?

No. Tutti i nostri tour sono accompagnati da un tutor della Scuderia Milano Moro, al fine di garantire il miglior utilizzo del percorso e la piena conformità a tutte le leggi di traffico con la massima sicurezza.

There will be a tutor of Scuderia Moro Milano beside you to instruct you how the car works and to guarantee you take the best advantage of power and performance.

3 . What's the minimum age?

For test drives you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver's license. In case you are under age you still can have fun as a passenger.

4 . May I bring someone else inside the car when driving?

No. Our cars are sport two seat. We want you to have a unique and exclusive experience. Family and friends may have the same experience one at a time. By the way, all test drives are video registered so it is possible for you to share it.  

5 . May I use my own camera to register my experience?

No. We have cams placed in strategic positions inside the car. You can have the video to share your experience with family and friends.

6 . Do I decide where to go during my test drive?

No. All the routes are studied and chosen previously to guarantee your best experience with safety.

7 . Am I supposed to respect speed limits?

As the test drive is on the road traffic laws must be respected. However, we assure that acceleration will surprise you. Safety is our priority, any person that drives careless will lose the privilege of driving.

8 . What happens if police stops me for driving carelessly? Am I responsabile for eventual tickets?

Our goal is to make you have an unforgetable experience with a super-car. However, if police stops you because traffic laws were broken the driver will be responsible.

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